Review of Only Murders in the Building

Nur Killer im Gebäude

Murder is a very serious offense, but that doesn’t stop it from recurring. More intriguing is the fact that most people love to watch movies related to murder. Do you happen to love watching detective movies or want to see how murder stories are related in movies?

Maybe you like watching documentaries on murder. It could also be that you like to follow podcasts in that field.

See, it is nothing to be ashamed of. At one point or another in our lives, we tend to seek the “unthinkable” just to satisfy our curiosities.

Well, we just discovered one of the best murder-related movies and we think it is worth seeing. The name is “Only Murders in the Building” , a Hulu series featuring top acts, including Selena Gomez, Martin Short, and Steve Martin.

One of the key takeaways that made the movie interesting is the age difference between Selena Gomez and the younger acts. Despite the huge gap in the age brackets, Selena didn’t let that show, as she reeled in the delight of acting in the company of some of the leading names in the showbiz industry.

The show is not only fascinating. It is also filled with twists and turns and we are sure it has that kind of charming effect peculiar to playing at the National Casino.

The trio as mentioned earlier (Selena and co.) took delight to play genuine crime roles but was soon to realize that they could have an actual and not make-believe crime on their hands. The shocking realization that a gruesome murder had taken place at their Upper West Side apartment building kept them on their toes, as they try to unfold the scenario.

More fascinating is the brainstorming sessions they’ve had to go through, bringing forth their in-depth knowledge of true crime and telling lots of lies to outsmart the other.

Only Murders in the Building: A Crime Show Born out of Real-Life Experiences

Filmmaterial von den Dreharbeiten

Unlike other shows, this one wasn’t entirely a work of fiction. As John Hoffman, the co-creator made us understand, the plot for the show was born out of some of the tragic experiences he has had. The most prominent role in all these is the role of Selena Gomez, which he had an experience with. The role reminds him of his difficulty in coming to terms with the suicide of a dear friend. This kept him on his toes until he figured out the intent.

The pairing of Steve Martin and Martin Short does not only show the possibility of making something unique out of the worst pairings. It also reveals the deep sense of humor and comedic delivery of the duo – even in the face of murder.

The show took an unexpected dimension with the introduction of Selena Gomez into the mix. She, in no way, made the other two acts feel like feelers, although the two Martins retained the witty and intellectual razor-sharp satire that has been peculiar to them for decades.

No doubt, Only Murders in the Building gained considerable popularity, thanks to the presence of Selena Gomez, as well as the extensive promotion of the show to her 259 million followers on Instagram.

Only 7 episodes have been aired in the first season. Yet, fillers coming in point to the production of a second season.

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