Top 5 Largest Casinos in the World

Kasino in Macau

Fans of gambling get fanatic emotions gambling online at But they also like to travel and discover new destinations where they can pursue their hobby. There are a huge number of casinos and gambling halls in the world, but we will focus on the largest and most famous because they are of interest to players.

China, Macau

Großes Kasino

It used to be that the biggest casinos were located in Las Vegas, and that comes as no surprise to anyone. Today, however, things have changed as China, and more specifically Macau, has built huge casinos such as Casino Venetian, Casino City of Dreams and Casino Ponte 16, which are impressive in terms of the huge area they occupy. Of course, most casinos are located in hotels.

Las Vegas, USA

For many years Las Vegas has been the most famous tourist destination for gambling enthusiasts. It is a place of endless possibilities, huge casinos, and mind-boggling bets. The most popular names are Caesars Palace, MGM Grand, The M Resort, Red Rock, and others. In general, in Vegas, Nevada, all the casinos are working to the maximum to provide players with first-class service, luxury, big winnings, jackpots and everything you can only dream of. It’s where all gambling dreams come true.

Oklahoma, USA

Just 200 km south of Oklahoma City, USA is one of the largest casinos in the world called WinStar Casino. This building is 56,000 square feet and offers its guests an incredible atmosphere and luxury that can be seen in few places in the world. This casino has over 8,000 slot machines, 100 table games, several restaurants, and hotel rooms. Those who love to travel the world and gamble should not miss this location, as it is simply stunning and will captivate any true player.

Connecticut, USA

The list of impressive casinos in the United States continues with Casino Foxwoods in Connecticut, which can impress even the most demanding players. This casino is 6,500 square meters and offers not only 7,000 slot machines and 400 gaming tables, but also more than 800 hotel rooms, a spa, restaurants and many other activities. This amazing complex will not leave anyone indifferent because luxury, amazing dealers and high-quality services are presented in a unique combination. 

South Africa

Contrary to expectations, the largest casinos in the world are not only located in the US and China. Note that South Africa has a complex called Tusk Rio, which is built on 266,000 square meters. At the resort, you will find more than 70 hotel rooms, restaurants and a stunning casino with more than 250 slot machines, dozens of gaming tables, great jackpots and everything a player could want. The casinos in South Africa attract the attention of many tourists.

All these casinos are fantastic not only in the number of gambling game offers but also with amazing interiors. So being inside these establishments is a true pleasure for your sight.

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